The One Church One Child Initiative


There are approximately 350,000 Christian churches in the US.

If each church would just help {1} child on the average,  it would almost make the  foster care “system” obsolete.  Think about it…  We are called to help the orphans.

BUT now think about this…. How many churches are in your county?  Your city? Your town? How many children who are in foster care there?  If one church can wrap around one foster family/one child and support them, this in turn will cause that family to be stronger and encouraged. They will be able to foster more children and the church will have more opportunity to serve and witness.  We as the Body of Christ can do amazing things when we work together in unison. Think of the children’s lives that  WE as a church could change forever.

Foster children are todays orphans. We believe that God is raising up a new wave of His people to come to the aid of the orphans. And the church is the major player in this mission.

We want to help the church identify their foster families and build a network of support for these families with inside of the church.